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Aberdean joins forces with “Start Me Up WI”

Forging a Startup Revolution Aberdean is pleased to join forces with Start Me Up WI, a venture started to enhance Wisconsin’s growing entrepreneurial movement. Start Me Up WI is a venue for Wisconsin’s entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, share information, and build a community of innovative thinkers. So, if you’re looking for entrepreneurial events and other information,

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Evolving Data Loss Prevention in SharePoint Online/OneDrive for Business and Office Applications

Everywhere your data exists, moves or is shared, we want to protect it. Office 365 has provided Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities for email since Exchange 2013. As collaboration extends beyond email to sites and documents, we are extending the DLP capabilities to these services. Last year at TechEd Barcelona, we showed a quick glimpse

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SharePoint Server 2016 update

In February, we shared our vision on the evolution of SharePoint, outlining our plans for continued cloud innovation with SharePoint in Office 365, and providing a glimpse of the work underway to deliver our next on-premises server release, SharePoint Server 2016.  With Ignite just a few weeks away, we’re getting ready to share more details

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3 Ways Cloud Services can Help Employees Improve Customer Service

Technology that enables proactive customer care won’t be sitting on local machines much longer. Faster service delivery, accessible-everything from any device, and the latest in security solutions will all live and work in the cloud. Employees are increasingly mobile and don’t necessarily want to be tethered to desk or kiosk computer. The data they rely

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Aberdean sponsors Wisconsin Governors Business Plan Contest

The Wisconsin Governors Business Plan contest is a statewide contest which provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to present a business plan to a panel for review and the opportunity to receive cash prizes. This event is used as a launchpad for startup businesses which are in the beginning stages of forming a high-tech business in Wisconsin.

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